Petite Fashion Challenge #10: Summer to Autumn (Fall)!

The challenge is to take traditionally summer pieces (like tank tops, shorts, mini skirts, sundresses etc.) and make them appropriate for fall.

This month’s challenge is kindly hosted by Liz of Fashionforteens

I took my last Summer look and made it warmer by swapping my silk top for a merino wool sweater (GAP Mens in Xtra Small) and booties (Pied A Terre), an old thrifted silk scarf for a colour accent, old thrifted costume pearls and Chanel shopper in black caviar.

I’m working on accessorising my outfits, something that doesn’t come easily to me at all!

I usually buy clothes that work transeasonally for me to get the maximum use and one of my favourite ways to do this is with light or neutral colours but in medium to heavy weight materials. So my trusty Banana Republic unlined medium weight cotton pencil skirt works both in the height of Summer and is substantial enough for Autumn. When it gets colder I will add tights and knee boots plus a trench or little wool coat.

Sweaters are my Autumn staples but they have to be a non bulky weight and a slim cut. I can’t tell you how much I love this merino sweater! It is such a beautiful quality and washes like a dream. I have it in a forest green colour too. With such netural classics I really have to accessorise so have made the effort by diving into my costume jewellery collection. And scarf collection which I make the most of as I get cold easily especially around my neck. This one I bought some 20 years ago at a vintage market. It used to be a much deeper shade and has faded over time but I still love it so much! I find leaving it to fall like this makes me appear a little leaner.

Looking forward to the next challenge!


8 thoughts on “Petite Fashion Challenge #10: Summer to Autumn (Fall)!

  1. Elaine A

    Good for you for having all transitional clothes – that’s something I have to work on I tend to just buy things that only work for one season! I really love that scarf the colour is gorgeous for fall.


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