Jersey envy

I have always loved jersey. To me it means comfort, ease – pre-Lycra invention-  and fit – post Lycra invention – did this help the bodycon revolution in the 80’s? Anyway when I was about 2 sizes thinner pre-kids, I never made the most of the chance to wear as much Lycra and jersey as possible, sadly. Again it was a case of extremes. On one hand, I never liked that tight bodycon look and in the late 80’s, it had to be tight, tight, tight! And short, short, short! I was slim but didn’t have enough curves and because everything had to be tight, what slight curves I had were squashed away. On the other, it was all about sportswear and I’ve never owned a tracksuit or anything similar. Ever. I didn’t discover the jersey wrap dress until after my third and last child was born!

I adore this long dress. It’s just the most perfect cut with just the right amount of gathers at the waist and volume in the skirt.

Although this vest could look like nothing, Gwen makes it ultra chic by wearing it with the perfect skinny jeans and the most gorgeous booties.

I love this dress so much – everything about it, from the deep V neck to the length. The colour is the most perfect neutral – I imagine it to look as good with silver tone accessories.

Jersey has the power to drape and create curves where there may be minimal or none at all. I am always on the look out for the perfect jersey pieces!


2 thoughts on “Jersey envy

    1. couturecoco Post author

      I’ve only really taken the time to look after my few cashmere pieces and hope to look at the rest of my jerseys properly.


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