Styling the Kelly

I’ve noticed such fantastic ways to make the Kelly unique and how different people wear theirs.

Just updated today with a couple more photos:

This is by The Sartorialist – isn’t it just divine? Not just the luscious pink Kelly but her whole entire outfit?

This is also The Sartorialist and was the catalyst for the search for my Kelly. The most inspirational thing to me is that she’s wearing it so casually and not being too precious about it besides the fact that it’s so beat up!

OK, let’s concentrate on the bag, shall we and overlook the top dress – I adore the bright colour and how casually Beyonce wears hers as a shoulder bag. Notice she’s fastened the straps under the flap.

And this is how you can dress her in a little scarf to protect her corners! This stunning image is from Latifa Al Shamsi’s blog and was featured on the Feather Factor blog recently.


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