Constant Craving @ Jaeger

There are so many tempting goodies over at Jaeger…

Wow this tweed jacket is perfection with slim sleeves and nipped in waist.

I adore this 60’s boxy jacket with modern, clean details.

Everyone needs a zip knit jacket, this is perfectly modern and smart enough with skirts and dresses.

My favourite skirts, would love one in every colour!

This dress is just lovely with flattering lines and a clean 60’s style.

Adorable dress in a youthful print and lovely long sleeves.

I’m still in love with silk blouses and the spots have it as a modern classic. And last but not least (it was incredibly hard to whittle it down just to these pieces) the shrunken school blazer – now incredibly versatile and chic. I’m ordering 2 from this list….for now!


5 thoughts on “Constant Craving @ Jaeger

  1. Vix

    That shift dress and A-Line skirt are beautifully cut and would suit anyone. Jaeger have always been such a classy label, even the 1980s stuff I find at jumble sales is cut so well. x


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