30 for 30 Challenge: Lessons Learnt

These are some of the outfits I managed to get together during the last part of the month long challenge. I got so busy with the kids starting school and activities, I missed getting the photos for the rest. It didn’t matter because I still had enough to mix and match and I still learnt the most valuable lessons from the challenge.

1. Variety – I like to have variety as I have never been the type to wear the same sort of clothes day in day out and in this challenge although I had a mix of dresses, skirts and trousers, they were too similar in colour and texture to make it an interesting enough variety.

2. Accessories – I’ve never been an accessories sort of person and easily feel cluttered BUT as I’ve grown older I really, really need to have accessories that I truly love to finish off my outfits. I guess I’ve been afraid to use too many but as my taste is classic all the way, accessories are the way for me to make my look truly me.


3. Fit & Proportion (again!) – I am lacking in simple knit and jersey tops (plain tees and sweaters) that are waist length so I can just wear them out rather than having to tuck in all the time (which I can’t do with sweaters anyway because it’s too bulky.)

Day 30: Italian silk print sleeveless dress, Principles ribbed cardigan, Clarks sandals, Cul de Sac tote, vintage Celine belt

Day 29: old Zara Girls tee, Banana Republic pencil skirt, Principles ribbed cardigan, Clarks Girls metallic flats, thrifted costume pearls

Day 28: Gap striped tee, Austin Reed denim pencil skirt, Principles ribbed cardigan, Clarks Girls metallic flats, Austin Reed skinny belt, Cul de Sac tote


2 thoughts on “30 for 30 Challenge: Lessons Learnt

  1. B.Inspired

    I haven’t tried the 30×30 challenge yet but am thinking to do so! I agree with you on the accessories, I’ve only started to appreciate them much more now, particularly belts.


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