So what’s your minimalist, functional and fabulous wardrobe?

I love this recent post by Garance Dore where she answers a reader’s question and of course it got me mentally ticking off stuff in my head before running off to actually check my wardrobe! This is her list:

• Black cashmere turtlenecks. I still haven’t found the perfect one.
 Grey v-neck cashmere sweaters – Bompard makes the deepest Vs – I just love them.
• Silk shirts from Equipment, of course.
• Church’s flats. Three pairs.
• One pair of sublime very high heels, black, like the Pigalles by Louboutin – Yeah, only one! If they’re that sublime, they’ll be enough!
• Grey skinny jeans. White skinny jeans. Helmut Lang, the denim is the thinnest I’ve ever felt.
• One pair of boyfriend jeans.
 Two blazers, one black, the other marine blue. Stella [McCartney].
• A straight-cut skirt, Céline.
• A Sarti scarf, light as a cloud. I’ll take a quick picture for you as I’m wearing one right now.
• A dress, Alaïa or Roland Mouret. Never goes out of style.
• A big coat, camel or grey.
• And a military parka – light and long. Burberry classic trench

Because she’s French and inhabits the Real Fashion World of Couture, Vogue, Fashion Shows, Models and *ahem* The Sartorialist Himself, her brands are not always what we mere, ordinary mortals can hope to acquire, yet I took inspiration in each item and the sum of the parts on her list.

14 items!

I only have one substitute for myself (crossed out last item above) and one addition – slim, cropped black cigarette trousers in a very fine wool with a touch of stretch which I have yet to find! So I’m going to put together my own version of the list above. Functional and Fabulous, Functional and Fabulous, Functional and Fabulous…..


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