My week in a photo!

Yep, this is it, a crowded mess on a corner of my dining table! From top left:

  • freshly washed pillows, the kids rooms are being painted so have been Winter Cleaning
  • bag of Christmas cards, I stock up on packs in the sales because the kids use the most between them
  • my trusty old leather agenda from the 80s (I was a student then and couldn’t afford a real Filofax) that continues to be an essential part of my life
  • vintage Hèrmes Kelly 32cm, though recent, an equally essential part of my life
  • a vintage Jaeger silk spot blouse I’ve nearly finished letting out
  • piles of ironing
  • a pair of Tween’s school tights that need mending
  • a favourite Villeroy & Boch vase that should be the only thing on the table
  • various paperwork that represents a huge stack off camera!

6 thoughts on “My week in a photo!

  1. Vix

    I remember opening a bank account with Barclays back in the 1980s just because they gave a free Filofax to all student account holders. x


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