Bag Collection Complete: France forever!

Well, Christmas came early for me because I found these last goodies within a few months of each other. I confess to being so very bad but hope you’ll agree some treasures have come of it!

The goodies inside are after the jump

Céline Micro luggage in ‘Camel’. My collection started with Céline so I have a very soft spot for this brand. I must admit I didn’t like the Luggage shape at first then once I saw the Micro size, fell in love. The camel colour has grey undertones and in my opinion is light and roomy enough for everyday use.

I was after a Jumbo size in a light colour with silver hardware but not too keen on the longer outside flap plus the inner flap that is the Classic Flap style. This is a vintage single flap in beige. The current ‘beige’ is too pale for me. Although it’s lambskin, it’s pretty durable. I prefer the softness over the caviar in this size. The last time I was in Chanel the Sales Assistant admitted they have so many complaints about the current lambskin being too delicate. She said their nails make marks even when they are just taking a bag out to show clients.

Naturally, I wanted the Reissue as I ‘ve always loved the chain and the whole look. I explored many colour options and though I never wanted another black bag, this version with the special aged leather is so beautiful. This is a rarity that found me. It’s the 228 model which is the largest of all the reissues and no longer made.

This Hermès Lindy bag is something new to me after decades of lusting for the Birkin and Kelly models. I absolutely love it! You can hold it as a handbag and the single strap (perfect for my height) goes nicely over the shoulder. It’s in a grey taupe colour with light pink tones. So, you can take it that I am no longer pursuing the Birkin!

Everyone, I hope I’m not sending out the wrong kind of message here with these purchases in difficult times. As you may already know, I have been a devoted fan of these brands for decades and feel beyond blessed to be able to enjoy them at last. My very first designer bag purchase was a Louis Vuitton in 1996 for my mother who still has it. A couple of years later, I bought her an Epi leather wallet to go in it. Since her retirement, she’s aquired her own LV and Gucci bags and planning for her first Chanel soon! My own collection started in 2007, with a vintage Céline bag from long before Phoebe Philo who leads the brand today, and am happy to have completed my wishlist and collections now. I truly couldn’t face waiting until retirement!!


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