The mainly blue corner

This is my favourite corner of the kitchen.

I decided to keep these out so I could enjoy looking at them everyday instead of bringing them out only ocassionally. The white tea pot and cream jug is from Wedgwood (which is no more sadly). I have the tea cup set, sugar bowl and milk jug bought over a period of time with some other pieces and if I’d known, I’d have bought a lot more! The tiny tea pot on its tray is something that was found recently clearing my parents in law’s attic. The lid is lost but we just love it. The stack of bowls are gifts from my sister in law on her recent trip to Japan. It has to be said that her taste and mine are *different* and will never meet so imagine my surprise when she presented me with these! I have a particular weakness for quaint little crockery pieces. My children like to look at this corner too.


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