Keeping warm without the bulk

The pure cashmere scarf is from last year’s sale at Banana Republic (I bought a grey one as well) and is the best and only scarf that truly keeps my neck warm when it’s icy cold. Because it’s so long and wide (made sure I got my money’s worth!), it doubles up as a wrap and blanket for the kids if we’re caught out too late or if I forget to bring an extra cover for them. Last year, I also replaced my thermals: 1 ivory, 1 marl grey and 1 black sleeveless vests and 1 ivory long sleeve – this was essential all last Winter.

I don’t have the option of layering in the same way as I used to because of the extra bulk that I can’t hide anymore! Here you can see my black thermal sleeveless vest (M&S) and the merino wool jumper again. That’s just 3 layers including my coat but each works really hard. So together with the scarf that I wrap around (will try to add a photo of this later), my knee boots and leather gloves, I am warm enough without unecessary bulk. When it gets colder still, I swap the jumper for a poloneck or thicker jumper, use a long sleeve thermal vest, woollen trousers instead of a skirt, full length coat and hat. Still only 3 layers.


4 thoughts on “Keeping warm without the bulk

  1. Vix

    I find too many layers makes me even colder, so three’s about right. I do love a thermal vest and often wear two pairs of opaques to keep my legs warm. You look stream-lined and elegant. x

  2. Vicky

    The “extra bulk I can’t hide anymore”? Am I missing something?
    I don’t get too cold in the winter. I never layer thermals – call me crazy. It does help that I get into a car in the garage when I need to go anywhere including work and don’t have to be walking out there in the cold that much. I don’t own any thermals even though I live in one of the coldest places in the states. 🙂

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Oh, I’m just refering to being a couple of sizes bigger than I used to be so every layer matters being so short as well. You’re lucky to be protected from home to work. I used to have to drive everywhere when I prefer to walk so avoid using the car as much as possible since having the choice.


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