Closet Conclusions and Resolutions

I started this year with having to completely overhaul my wardrobe because I have way too many clothes; there were too many repeat purchases, clothes that never or no longer fit or suit, clothes I simply do not need or wear anymore and all of these were getting in the way of the things I still wear and can wear long into the future. And the same was true about my accessories. I also got bored and needed to try some new things. It was a huge and long overdue task but I feel I have achieved most of my goals!

*downsize number of items – slight changes in lifstyle and size meant I simply do not use a lot of things anymore

*add pattern and texture – I’ve never been attracted to patterns and being a petite, was always wary of being swamped so I generally stuck to textures but not enough

*add colours – somewhere along the way, I forgot about colours so in the spirit of acquiring items that I’m passionate about, I’ve made the effort to include more of my favourite colours

*refine accessories – main problem was hoarding too many bags

*try new things – accessories, shapes, styles, combinations, colours – pushing myself out of my comfort zone has been a real effort but well worth it and I intend to continue

*complete wishlist – yes!

Still missing:

  1. Tan medium heel booties
  2. Graphic print skirt or dress

Absolutely no more…

  1. Little Black Dresses
  2. Trousers
  3. Coats
  4. Blouses
  5. Bags!!!

2012 Resolutions

  • wear more colour
  • add more textures including shine from sequins, lurex etc..
  • add bolder jewellery to each outfit
  • experiment with layering

In the meantime here are some of my favourite looks from this year to spur me on!


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