The Next Generation and 2012 Resolutions

This is my Tween daughter in the Summer posing for all she’s worth. She’s grown a lot since and it’s scary how we will have to nurture her safely through this next phase of her life. Thankfully, she still loves all the clothes I choose for her and I’ve been making a conscious effort to teach her about different materials and shapes. For her it was always about comfort first and foremost as she has very sensitive skin but as she grows up, I know there’s already been a few little sacrifices! You can probably guess we like her to dress fairly traditionally and appropriately but we know this could change at some point. Drastically!

We’ve also reached the time where she and I can share jumpers and cardigans [I’ve long bought tees from the kids’ departments and discovered in the Summer that my quest for fitted jumpers are also to be found there]. Soon, she will be the same shoe size as me – not hard I know since I have tiny feet! So I will be receiving her cast offs when she outgrows her things – weird! Therefore it’s in my interest to infuse in her a similar taste.

My main Resolution for this year is simple, to reduce spending on new items for my closet as much as possible while making the most use of all the clothes and accessories I already have in it. For the first time I’m not drooling over/stalking/scheming and constantly searching for a list of items. After a recent tidy, I noticed 2 key problems in my closet: lack of colours among the basic neutrals and footwear choice – having such small feet severely limits where I can buy shoes. So the challenge is finding how I can make the best use of my clothes and accessories in a more modern way while keeping true to my own personal identity. I shall be following Make Do Style for her ideas for a frugal, healthy and contented state and the Groovy Mums network via Kate on Thin Ice for more ideas and support for positive change. Also Vintage Vixen and My Style who are constant sources of inspiration for beautiful unique looks at tiny prices.

She loves this purple (it might look red though) M&S hip length cardigan that’s a xmas present. I will try it on as soon as she’s in bed…..This is how she wore it with some light purple trousers and tee with a necklace print encrusted with bling.


14 thoughts on “The Next Generation and 2012 Resolutions

  1. Chloe@OurPeaGreenPod

    Hello from a Grooving Mum! Your post has got me thinking & so i thank you & you may even see a relevant post on my blog soon! I love your taste & I love that cardi. Yum! Your daughter is very lucky! Wishing you well with your aims for 2012 🙂

  2. Vix

    Thanks for the mention!
    Your daughter has the most beautiful hair and is quite the model. I love her sandals. How exciting to be able to share clothes, too. x

    1. couturecoco Post author

      You’re welcome! Well, I don’t have a sister – all boys in our family so I never got to share clothes when I was growing up. Thanks for the compliment – I know how you prefer little girls in neat frames lol!

  3. mystyle

    Hi my dear-thanks so much for the mention and it looks like your daughter has inherited her mums good taste in style too-wait until she appreciates Chanel and Hermes, she’ll be lusting after your gorgeous handbags!!! xx

  4. Mummy Plum

    Hello from another groover…
    I think you have a great sense of style. I wish my mum could pick clothes out like that for me (and pay for them..although I guess I’m a bit old for that now!) . Looking forward to reading more – and hopefully picking up some fashion tips. Agree – a splash of colour works wonders!

  5. mammasaver (@mammasaver)

    I wish I had found your blog sooner! I have a small frame and find it so hard to find clothes that don’t swamp me. Thanks for your advice!

    Good luck with your resolutions, I’m looking forward to reading how you’re getting on.

    PS from another #Groovingmum!

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