Health Resolution 2012

Smoked salmon and spinach with a dash of balsamic

This was my lunch today and variations of will be the order of as many days of the week as I can manage. I do love light and healthy foods like this but have got into the rut of eating too much for various reasons. The context of this is that after my last child was born, I struggled for years to lose the last few kilos. I finally did it by this time last year due to a tremendous amount of stress – which I do not recommend! What I should have done to take advantage anyway was to follow up with a good exercise regime but I didn’t. So now, a year older, I simply have to get back on track with the eating AND exercise. The eating bit is hard but the latter is by far the hardest for me who was never a gym or jogging kind of person. My exercises of choice were dancing (sober) for hours and walking everywhere. The former is no longer an option so I must start moving with walking round my neighbourhood with the intention of building up to a jog. Whatever happens I just have to move much more.

My kids are great motivators and tell me straight when my belly expands. They eat really well and reasonably healthy but then they can afford to tuck away 3 full meals a day being so active all the time not to mention growing of course. We always eat dinner together and I avoided eating differently to them which means it’s essential my lunches are super light so that I can enjoy eating the same evening meals as my children. I have never been on a diet or even mentioned the word to them and that’s how we want it to be for now at least. Due to allergies to food colourings and preservatives, they have grown up knowing about healthy eating and I made a conscious effort to eliminate processed foods as much as possible in a practical way and substitute organic products where it suits us.

We have a selection of healthy breakfast cereals (ie rice crispies, branflakes, raisin wheats,original shreddies,plain weetabix and plain porridge) wholemeal and milk biscuits, good quality milk chocolate bars, wholemeal and Kettle crisps and the kids are allowed 7UP once in a long while (never any cola). Besides cooking most of our meals from scratch, I make our own chocolate brownies, sponge and fairy cakes, flapjacks and scones. I rarely drink anything fizzy as I soon regret it! I never buy sweets so if there’s any in the house, it’s been given to us and I try to get rid of it as quickly as possible!

So really I don’t think there’s much more (oh, I’ve never smoked and rarely drink) I can do except to stick to following plan:

  1. Good breakfast of wholemeal toast with a non butter spread (nothing on top for now unless a soft boiled egg sometimes), cereal, weak coffee, juice and/or piece of fruit OR porridge instead of the toast and cereal OR cheese on toast for variety
  2. Daily walk round the neighbourhood
  3. Snack only on fruit and vegetables and/or yoghurt
  4. Salad or cooked vegetables or soup for lunch plus piece of fruit
  5. Limit portion size at evening meals (trying to eat more vegetables, less animal protein but more fish and least carbohydrates)
  6. Drink a lot of water!
  7. Sleep early – I can’t do late nights no more after 3 babies in quick succession!

I’ve managed this before (it’s all in the Fitness & Health category link) and felt so much better inside out but was never able to turn it into a permanent change because you see this is not just about losing the extra post holiday kilos to get back into my clothes, it’s about being healthier all the time. I’m hoping this year will be different!
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2 thoughts on “Health Resolution 2012

    1. couturecoco Post author

      That’s my downfall too so hard to resist when baking them for the kids! And yes, I never used to have to limit myself and be so careful before *sigh* Well, got no choice now….


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