Favourites this week: Colours galore and bag lust (uh oh!..)

I love how the lace on the sleeves are positioned along the outer edge of the arms. A little extra lace somehow at the hem would perhaps tie up the dress a bit more for me. I love the colour!

Charlize is one of the most beautiful and stylish women in Hollywood and I love how well this graphic and bright dress looks on her.

Well, well Rooney again in red – just stunning!

Jennifer still advertising her newly single wares….no, really I adore the colour and shape of the dress – she looks wonderful!

Another Jennifer looking wonderful too this time in mustard yellow.

Sorry, such a bad photo of Salma but I just love the rust colour of her simple and elegant dress. Note she’s carrying an exotic clutch.

Beautiful retro style and colour. So flattering and super elegant. Would prefer some pale shoes though.

And we reach the bags – Chloe’s alligator shoulder bag looks so soft and yummy I think I’d want to carry and hug it all day!

Crocodile tote by Fendi is a beautiful rounded off shape and again that rusty colour I’m really into right now. The drawstring inner bag would drive me nuts so I’d order that it be changed at once! I can still dream, can’t I? *sigh*


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