Golden Globes Awards 2012: my favourites

Angelina in Atelier Versace looking about as flawless as any woman could. Imagine how much lipstick she must go through when she does wear some!

I adore the structure and texture of this dress on Kate. Would prefer some colour accent though as she looks too washed out.

Although this is more of a Summer look, it’s beautiful enough and of course Charlize looks perfect in it except for a fine necklace – one with a long pendant?

I adore this type of style and Kate looks amazing in this Jenny Pakham dress.

I was surprised at how beautiful Madonna can look in this gown – just wish they’d got her cup size right….

Reese continues her style make over and this dress is nothing if not a bold statement and departure from her previous rather safe choices.

I love everything here, the shape, the texture, the peekaboo flesh and sparkle.

The most amazing combination of pattern, texture and lace I’ve seen in a long time and in red too.

This time last year she was pregnant and now Natalie looks even more beautiful!

Oh, Mr Firth! Umm..where was I? Oh hello Livia! Showcasing her recycled gown.

Rooney in a stunning Nina Ricci gown and it’s such a shame they didn’t shorten it for her. Definately a couture dress to be fitted to your body exactly. I think there are tiny bows down the front? I cannot resist tiny bows…..

And so my most favourite is Salma wearing Gucci. It has everything I love, everything I love on Salma and everything I want for the season to come: beading, geometry, sequins and pleats.


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