Dressing an 11 year old

I have a special interest in what “Tweens” are wearing but haven’t come across any at all in the media except for Miss Willow Smith.

My eldest is almost the same age as Willow who is 11 years old and although my daughter doesn’t get invited to VIP events, the dilemna is the same for us all – what is appropriate wear for this Tween age?

I think Willow looks lovely in her bright yellow dress which is so very traditional in the shape and style of a perfect long tea dress. Retro except for the colour.  Seeing a bit of the pointed toe shoes I did panic and wondered if she was wearing patent hight heels but they seem to have a low wedge heel – phew! I woudn’t let my Tween wear pointy toes like that but I suppose for a couple of hours for a special ocassion would be ok if they didn’t hurt.

Willow’s coat blows me away! I absolutely love it! The whole outfit is such an inspiration to me combining classic and modern in her own very unique style as I try to add colour to my neutral wardrobe.

My Tween loves nothing better than to dress up to go out but even if we’re not going anywhere, she will change out of her school uniform every afternoon and dress up anyway eg. with a scarf, big faux pearls, a long skirt or trousers. She outgrew baby pink 3 years ago and moved on to purple, deep pink and coral shades –  intuitive choices that suit her well. We are all happy….for now.


6 thoughts on “Dressing an 11 year old

  1. Fab At Any Age

    I have to be honest I really don’t like her look at all. I think the dress is too old for her and that she would have looked better in a cute short prom style or lace/sequin skater dress. x

    1. couturecoco Post author

      My first thought was it’s too old for her then I remembered at this age you sometimes really, really want to look older than you are! I’ll add a photo of her with the others that kind of puts her look more in perspective. I would love to see her in a prom dress and dress too but I’m not sure it’s her style – she seems pretty definate about her looks so far.

  2. the frantic mom

    this really doesn’t help me no offence. My 11 year old is tiny for her age and could still fit in to six year olds stuff and while all her friends are wearing A& Fitch stuff she can’t fit it and I really don’t know how to find something cool for her to wear!

    1. couturecoco Post author

      I totally understand your frustration at not being able to find suitable clothes for your daughter. I was tiny for my age and it’s been a lifelong struggle. It’s a case of looking everywhere because these days there is so much choice but you don’t always know about what every high street retailer or online shop offers. Also consider having things altered to fit your daughter if it’s something she really loves and it’s a fairly easy alteration.
      For my girls (I have 2) I start with the basics at M&S, Zara Girls and Gap Kids with jeans, tees, sweat stuff and jumper dresses. I prefer to pay a bit extra for better quality to last as I know my younger one is still happy to wear her big sister’s cast offs.
      I really hope you can find cool clothes for your daughter to wear!


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