Colour Me 2012

Some colours and styles for the new season I’m loving and watching now:

I’ve always been shy of bright colours and avoided using any for most of my life – so sad! Maybe because the colours I grew up with, in the 70’s, were too garish and in the 80’s, (I blame most everything on this decade!), they were too brash and ostentatious which made me cringe even more away from them. As a result of working on updating my wardobe, I’m having a colour renaissance and want to embrace a few that I have always loved somewhere deep in my heart.

Of course I’m not abandoning my basic neutrals, I now need to enhance and modernise with colour. Why didn’t I think of this before? This is also part of my resolutions for my closet this year, adding colour and trying new things.

Colour combinations: I haven’t found photos for all of these examples but this post by Hearty Chic captures most of them!

Turquoise/Teal blue with Brown/Rust/Orange/Mustard/yellow

Coral with Sea Green/Tiffany Blue

Rust/Orange with Navy

Brown with flashes of Purple/Violet

Lime/Yellow with Purple

Madonna looks chic but wasted the chance to add a little colour, definately would have enhanced her outfit and stopped it from looking too safe inspite of the lace bra and fishnets.


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