Favourites this week: Shape and Textures

I’ve always loved the jacket over evening dress combination and this look has that extra blend of tailoring contrasting with a fluid skirt. The Attitude also adds a little something.

You’ve got to admire Vanessa for wearing tight red leather like this but can someone please tell me why she could not have had the sleeves shortened or even just pinned – almost ruins the whole look and I just can’t help feeling disappointed with a celebrity being so sloppy.

Again the jacket over evening dress combo and interesting contrast in textures. I love the girly 2 tone shoes.

This is one of my favourite silhouettes, classic late 30’s finished off with a bow at the waist.

I was quite surprised to see this outfit and was struck by its stark simplicity: a beautifully cut coat dress and the little pop of colour of her handbag.

I love tailoring and have so many coats and jackets because of this. This jacket shape is wonderful, sort of 70’s influenced by the 40’s. The slim trousers are a perfect contrast.

Again, a 40’s silhouette with the strong shoulder line but this time it’s all about colour blocking. Gorgeous fitted skirt with a texture.

I love the sculptural shape of this outfit on Rooney by Givenchy. It reminds me a lot of a collection [whisper the name] John Galliano once did a long time ago in London before he found fame and (mis)fortune in Paris.


2 thoughts on “Favourites this week: Shape and Textures

  1. AsianCajuns (Lar)

    Ooo I love the 30s and 40s silhouettes too! We’ve been watching a lot of “Jeeves and Wooster” and “Poirot” and it makes me wish I could wear dresses like the women do in those — and hats!
    Do you find being petite it’s hard to match a jacket with a maxi dress/gown? I always feel I’m swimming in clothes a bit (a la Vanessa Paradis’ jacket arms ;).

    1. couturecoco Post author

      You’re totally immersing yourself 🙂 I’m so late to the maxi thing and this is something I am tackling this year – got a couple of maxi dresses and I will see how they work out – or not – on me. But I think I have to wear with shorter and close fitting cardigans or jackets to keep the proportions?


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