Neutral + colour + homemade scarf

I made this scarf myself long ago and it has been through so much including getting caught in a coat zipper resulting in a small tear which I didn’t bother repairing. Years after, several house moves later, I routinely sent it to the dry cleaners and it came back not only cleaned and pressed but neatly repaired at no extra cost! It’s reversible, one side silk print, the other, pink wool crepe. The purple jumper is from Zara Boys, pale metallic belt is an old charity shop find and the skirt is a recent sale score from Jaeger that I’ve worn several times already. The bag was my very first designer bag purchase in the 90’s, by Gucci. The top of it is a goldtone metal bar with the tiniest, neatest rivets you’ve ever seen. Below is a close up of my newest purchase, a spiky metallic jabot necklace. You can just see my goldtone mesh bracelet, also a charity shop find from decades ago.


5 thoughts on “Neutral + colour + homemade scarf

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