Outnet Clearance score!

The Outnet has a Clearance sale since Tuesday and I went for it with these 3 items: H Williams cutout leather sandals, Lara Bohinc cut out patent leather and suede Lunar black sandals and a tweed Marni skirt.

They reached me today and I LOVE everything! It’s my most successful buy from them so far. The sandals don’t feel too open and the heels are just fabulous – I CAN DO platforms and stilettoe heels – yay! One of my resolutions for this year was to update my shoe collection but I have the double whammy problem of tiny feet and not being crazy about 5″ heels.

The skirt is gorgeous, I really love the fishtail skirts seen on the catwalks for A/W 12 and this was a steal for a pure wool, beautifully cut (but “unfinished” – did they run out of time?) Marni skirt – my first ever Marni piece! Plus I wanted more green in my closet so it was perfect in every way – well it’s a little snug….but no matter!

There is one more thing I want – a pair of booties – during the website tragedy that seems to be the norm, when it was impossible to log in (I was so surprised to get anything at all hours later once it had been resolved), I missed it so am debating whether I should get them now or quit while I’m ahead?


5 thoughts on “Outnet Clearance score!

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