Navy lace and gold beads

Finally I can cross off  ‘Lace Dress’ from my Wishlist – even better that it’s navy which I prefer to black generally. This is in fact 2 dresses joined together…um, yes, I have a constant battle with my waistline and when you’re very short, every extra ounce gram shows! Really, it’s an old Top Shop dress and you can see the original length is wayyyy too short on me so I scoured *bay for a similar dress with little hope but then I found the exact same style and cut off the skirt to attach to my original dress! I’ll have to make the lining a little longer too but it’s ok for now. The gold beaded bag is vintage and it’s one of my favourite evening accessories. I’ve been looking for a metallic/jewelled or beaded/sequin belt and one would have been perfect with this dress. The remains of the cut dress albeit minus the lace skirt fits my Tween! We just have to remember not to wear it together….


2 thoughts on “Navy lace and gold beads

  1. Vix

    What a fantastic remake, you look hot! I don’t think you should line the addition, I love the flirty look of the sheer hem. x


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