7 thoughts on “Hermès Lindy 3 ways

  1. chocolatecookiesandcandies

    LOL! I was going to ask how you managed to get on the plane with your heels. Thank you for sharing how it’s worn. I often have to guestimate how a size will look on my petite frame which can be difficult in the case of Hermes bags. I’m so in love with the Etoupe color. Your Lindy is exquisite but very under the radar which I love. Goes so beautifully with your outfit and heels.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank so much! I did wear heels but a more manageable height 🙂 Yes, I made the effort to be much more conscious about proportion in the last year when I started an audit of my closet so was really pleased how nicely the 30cm fits me.
      Sorry I forgot to say, it is in fact the Gris Tourterelle colour not Etoupe which is a little browner and darker tone. I know the Etoupe is very sought after and almost impossible to find but not sure about the Gris T., haven’t seen it at all in anything thinking about it.

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