Breakaway Day 1: Stripes, mismatch neutrals & salad

The flight was turbulent almost all the way there – not severely just enough to make the stomach lurch from time to time so I didn’t feel good at all. The food was “so, so” surprisingly as it’s usually very good. As we began our descent my ears got really painful and I wanted to scream just like the babies were doing! Apparently this is due to the wrong cabin pressure and could have been adjusted.

As you can see, I dragged myself out to brunch and mismatched my neutrals completely! Should have used my navy clutch. And when there’s a change of water, why does it always flatten my hair? Why? But it was worth the outing because I discovered a delicious new salad. Grilled Halloumi cheese over a bed of spinach over sauteed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin and beetroot!

Salade Halloumi Grillรฉe


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