Breakaway Day 6: Silk print, Chanel & Hermès

This is why I have to wear sunglasses all the time for photos – I almost always close my eyes! I’m wearing a silk satin print dress that’s been in my closet for like 6 years – unworn – the straps needed shortening and I only got round to doing it for this trip! And this is why I don’t buy clothes that need anything done to them!

Anyway, it’s now one of my favourite dresses – it feels divine (the lining is also silk with a very pretty lace hem) and moves well when I walk . I’m not a natural with print especially 2 different ones together but I do love the print and colours of this dress. It can work for both day and night. I love the cropped cardi,  incredibly useful so I’m on the look out for one in navy.


In contrast to Louis Vuitton, when I asked if I could take photos of the display case, the Sales Assistant, immediately offered to take the bag out for a better photo! I love the last 2 best, navy and silver beaded. It was just so lovely in there….


I adore these cuffs!

The Hermès boutique window and I love the deep raspberry red with the yellow. Inside was disappointing for bags – they were expecting the delivery in the next few days and there’s a 2 year waiting list for the Kelly as well as the Birkin! Fortunately none for the Bollide, Lindy (my ears pricked up) etc..I hope to go back later this week to see if the shipment did come.


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