Gaps, Loose Ends & Weaknesses

After a year long effort, and it really was hard to tackle the update of my entire closet, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Last year I focused on my clothes and found so much stuff I simply never or no longer used and decided what I need for my shape/lifestyle/budget now. This year was about my accessories and I realised just how very important they are to any closet – in fact more important to my particular wardrobe than the clothes! I should have tackled updating my accessories first then the clothes.

Believe it or not I had a couple of gaps such as another pencil skirt for Spring/Summer, waist length cardis and new sunglasses. Also I needed a casual short coat. My shoe collection badly needed updating as well as jewellery and now I think everything as a whole is a lot better, it couldn’t have got any worse, trust me. My ideal is to have beautiful pieces that I look forward to wear without having to think too hard for everyday.

It’s no coincidence I’ve finished now in the Spring. I’ve always done the majority of my shopping during the Autumn/Winter months and least during the Spring/Summer – usually only during the sale of the Winter stuff!

I will update with photos asap and hopefully can talk about the ‘Weaknesses’ bit very soon!

Gold stilettoes that aren’t too yellow. I love how these are a classic shape but the metallic colour and perforation give a modern style. (Sorry about the suntan feet from my recent travel – this always happens!).


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