Spring Gap filling, Covets & La Palermo

Just those little gaps that need filling…the zip detail and wonderful shaping on this dress is the way I want to go.

I have no casual jacket. None at all and this one in navy – I can’t get enough of navy this year – is perfect.

I’ve always dreamt of glamorous oversized shades like these but was afaid of looking bug eyed and cartoonish because I’m so small. Well, if these make me feel good, they stay!

Once the weather warms up – not much chance for several weeks according to the Met. Office – my shirts and blouses will come out and I intend to wear them with lots of necklaces.

Another modern classic that will be so useful.

I came across this dress on the ASOS website by accident and it’s great! Just the right amount of colour blocking for a die hard Classicist like me AND flattering for Petites due to the high cut of the contrast colour.

I love this dress by Jaeger Boutique. It’s a classic shirtdress but with a fun umbrella print and can be worn in a variety of ways.

So who doesn’t covet La Palermo’s closet? I wanted to include this photo as yet another example to show how incredibly well she works her clothes. She also shows, if you wear a beautiful pair of shoes, you can get away with anything!


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