Weekend Vintage and Neutrals

I love reworking a vintage piece such as this blue jersey tie neck blouse (Jaeger) into my everyday wear. The fit on vintage clothes tend to be closer to the body and if it’s a good brand like Jaeger, the construction is solid. Later in the day looking at the photo, I wished I’d worn a sparkly brooch on the blouse.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Vintage and Neutrals

  1. chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I actually like it without the brooch. There’s a Jaeger store right outside my doorstep. I often stop to admire the clothes on the mannequin but always seem to be in a rush to get somewhere. BTW, I remember seeing Longchamp bag like yours everywhere in Paris. It’s such a classic bag and ages so beautifully. BTW, I’ve finally put my wedge sneakers through enough tests to post about it. LOL! You must’ve thought I was mad to trek in them.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you! I’m only interested in a tiny % of their stuff in the shops and acquire literally 4 items a year and only in the sales lol. I’ve had this bag for years but was always afraid to use it too much because I love it so! Oh, gotta go check your sneaker post……

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