Casual: Wedges, Military and Navy

It’s taken me all this time to finally be happy with a couple of comfortable casual looks. The key was finding the right outer wear and footwear, first the parka and now this basic military style jacket, then the wedge trainers (hopefully desert boots to follow soon!).

One of my fundamental beliefs about having clothes is that they fit as well as possible and unlike ‘formal’ items, weirdly, it’s more difficult to alter casual so I just gave up in the past. You can imagine how happy I was to stumble upon the mens parka and this in Zara Boys! There was a similar jacket at H&M Women but the only colours were black and camel. Their particular shade of camel is all wrong for me and besides I wanted khaki..but the right shade, not too green, not too brown. This fits me very well and is the exact shade of khaki! The bag is vintage Celine – however casual, I still can’t wear a rucksack!

When the rain came back again this week, I threw on the Zara navy quilted hooded jacket over my jersey dress and added tights. I’m also wearing a bright red cardigan.


4 thoughts on “Casual: Wedges, Military and Navy

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