Favourites this Week: Blondes and Inspiration

I only realised everyone is blonde when I gathered the photos together to post. The Sartorialist yet again here. I love the juxtaposition of the colours, complimentary with an unexpected 3rd colour of the bag. The wedges are wonderful too – I’ve got a major thing about wedges….

The clean, pure lines of neutral basics plus a jewel colour.

Sharon is looking amazing here even though her jacket is a little too much for me BUT so what? Teal blue/green is everywhere this year.

Michelle looks radiant – I love her dress but the black shoes are much too heavy, pity.

OMG, no wonder she’s still smiling………

I adore soft, ice cream colours like this and in such a 70’s style outfit. The oversized clutch is the perfect accessory.

This is so lovely in many ways. Reese looks stylish and comfortable.

Of all the celebirty mothers, I think she must one of the most approachable and spending girl time with her eldest is so sweet!


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