Challenge Update: Long Haul Flight with Young Children – Accessories Part II

Continuing from Part I and here

A mix of stuff I’m currently wearing. I’ll probably stack a couple of bracelets from this selection at most as I never wear lots of jewellery especially when traveling.

Narrowed down to 3 silk scarves and an ivory pashmina.

Basic belts and for added colour.

I had the hardest time choosing these 3 bags. I like to rotate them as much as possible throughout the year but due to the lack of Summer weather, my lighter bags have not been out enough so I feel they have first priority for going away somewhere that’s actually warm and sunny.

My planned travel outfit: the top is a very old navy cotton cable pattern vest I’ve hung onto all these years. The skirt is a nice thick jersey with a Chambray shirt layered over the top. I will wear the pashmina once we’re ready to board the plane. And metallic ballet flats. Should the weather be meh, I might wear a colour block shift dress with the Chambray shirt on top instead (everything else the same).

This is a bag I always used when travelling with my kids when they were really small. It’s big enough but light because it’s lined in nylon and has a central zipped section plus top zip closure for maximum security. The beige Chanel bag will fit in here plus the usual stuff: wallet, travel wallet, phone, HandyCam, lipstick, handcream, hairbrush, wet wipes, tissues, hand sanitiser, plasters, water and a light snack. My kids will carry a small rucksack each.

No doubt there’ll be adjustments before I lock up the suitcase and carry on. I actually have to double check everything in the light of another travel tip blog I just read which seems to be helping me with the editing of my packing.


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