Aviators, Safari Dress and Buckled Wedges

So this is my favourite safari dress. It’s by Oasis and I originally bought it about 5 years ago. When I changed sizes, I tracked that size down on *bay and this is it.  I’ve updated with some buckled wedges. Normally I never use any belts that come with a garment, but after trying on and discarding 4 others, I decided the self tie was best after all!

I love this vintage knit jacket with the embroidery on it. It’s from the 60’s I think and is so useful and comfortable to wear. This outfit (dress and cardigan/jacket) is a staple for me and is adaptable even on the go . In my tote I always carry a silk square just in case it turns chilly so can tie it around my neck or if the opposite should ever happen I will remove the jacket, the dress has cap sleeves. Sometimes I use a scarf as a belt to add colour and pattern to a neutral outfit. Of course, there’s also room in the tote for a pair of flats.

The sunglasses are Ray-Ban with a pewter frame and grey gradient. It’s a 70’s classic! I was so nervous about how they’d turn out but the colour is perfect, plus it was the first time I had used the services of that particular opticians. Previously, I looked at dozens of sunglasses and am so glad to have exactly what I wanted.


10 thoughts on “Aviators, Safari Dress and Buckled Wedges

  1. Vix

    What a fab outfit, I love those sandals! I used to have a very similar knit jacket and wore it until it disintegrated! x

  2. Aesthetic Alterations

    Ray-Bans are fantastic. I’m constantly looking at them, though I haven’t bought a pair for a long time (after losing a pair in India, I’ve resisted such a splurge). I adore the Aviator look on women.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      I love your collection of sunglasses very glamorous and meant to ask what brands they are? I avoided aviator Ray-Bans before because I thought they were too masculine for me but realised that’s exactly what I need!

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