Favourites this week: Monochrome Magic

Apart from this being Olivia, I absolutely love the simplicity of this look – sweater and pencil skirt. But because everything is so simple, accessories really come under scrutiny and of course the quality and cut of the sweater and skirt.

Sharon looking fantastic in a Summer LBD. Again, accessories assume an even greater importance due to the extreme simplicity of her dress. I am not too keen on her sunglasses or her open toe heels – I prefer closed heels with such a sophisticated look. And the cleavage – well, she IS Sharon Stone lol!

I adore Sofia’s style. Black with navy is one of my favourite combinations and I love the mix of texture and subtle pattern.

Look at these two fossils treasures! I think Karl looks fantastic and Anna’s outfit is beautiful but she should have been a more careful about showing her arms. And don’t get me started on her favourite open toe Manolos – these have been my pet peeve forever!

Well, well, well! This is the best I’ve seen Princess Beatrice look, youthful, elegant and simply chic.

I honestly never thought, Kim could look so very sophisticated, clean and minimal. She should stick with this plan!

These are the most flattering pair of trousers I’ve ever seen her in. The famous A Bout Louboutin heels elongate her legs. I love these shoes!

This dress should not work but it does and I really love it after a bit of getting used to.

Poor Rihanna on her way to her Grandmother’s funeral. The dress is very simple and luxurious. I love gold with navy!

Katie’s independent look shows wonderful promise! I would prefer a belt with the dress but can forgive her this once since her shoes are so special! See if your shoes are beautiful, you can get away with almost anything…..

We are up in the air right now and look forward to catching up once back on terra firma! Thanks so much for reading!


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