Travel Shift

I changed my travel outfit to this colour block shift dress. It was cold enough when we set off for a jacket, sadly adding to the luggage. Inside my nylon bag are my camera, water, tissues and snacks plus another nylon bag.

At check in it was noted that my cabin bag weighed in at 11kg when the max is 7kg. The check in person was very good and labelled it as 8kg and told me to take out 1kg and distribute it among the children before going through to the departure lounge. I did that then as soon as we were through I repacked it back and passed a leisurely couple of hours before going to our boarding gate.

I should really subtitle this post ‘How to Ruin the Look of a Chanel Reissue’. I meant to use a tote bag but it ended up being too heavy. I have all the essentials in the Reissue but a little too much as you should never over stuff a bag like this. The size is already too big for me but the capacity is perfect as an everyday bag. It would just look as it’s meant to with a little less inside!

Once boarded I was able to put everything up inside the luggage rack but first took out the spare nylon bag and tissues and put my Reissue inside to store it protected under the seat in front. A tote bag would have been too bulky this time. My dress was super comfortable.

Here is Tween looking very pleased with her choice of travel outfit, Breton H&M jumper (this is wonderful, all cotton, machine washes well and a great shape), tee, scarf, orange cotton trousers and trainers (unseen). She’s trying to grow out her fringe hence the multiple hair clips.


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