Sun Hat and Sun Dress

My first floppy sun hat in years from Forever 21. My swimwear is always a tankini which I find comfortable and cool enough for a bit of swimming and playing with the kids. The last time I actively sunbathed was the Summer I was 15 on the Cote D’Azur and went a deep mahogany brown – my classmates barely recognised me! I actually tan very quickly and easily. Since then I’ve actively avoided the sun using sunscreen all year round and covering up when on the rare occasion I am on an open beach with the kids (also covered up). I think it has something to do with seeing a picture of an American Indian woman when I was 10 and American Indians was our class topic for the month. The woman’s face was completely lined and the colour of tobacco. My teacher said ‘That’s what happens when you stay out in the sun.” I realised she didn’t have a choice about staying out in the sun but I did.

I never used to have to worry about my hair the same way as my face but in the last few years my hair’s become dry and brittle even in dull, wet UK. I shall have to cake on the almond and coconut oil treatment because there’s nothing like the combination of extreme heat, humidity, aircon and chlorine to wreck your hair!

An old sundress from New Look. Perfect for the heat and travel as it’s washable and doesn’t really need to be ironed. I really like the colourful print and frills together PLUS the low necklace, which is highly unusual for me to say the least. This is only one of 2 wrap dresses I have. Like many others, I love the wrap over dress especially the beautiful prints and colours of the iconic DVF dresses but they do nothing for me. I think they best suit those with an hour glass figure or at least with a full bosom or nice womanly hips and since I have neither, that’s why it’s never worked on me!

Watch, cuffs, rings, phone all stay home if I’m anywhere near water – that’s just how unlucky I am. But I would so love a squishy black leather studded clutch with my flounciest dress, no? Thanks for reading!


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