Buffet Brunch Yummies

I always love flowers at the table, doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a stimple bloom is enough for me.

The best thing about a buffet spread is that you get the chance to try new things. The worst thing is reigning in the desire to stuff my face over eat! At this particular buffet, the starters and dessert were the best and served in dainty portions.

I’ve never been a great traveller and most of that is due to not adapting so well to the changes in climate and diet. A few things seem to help me cope better though:

  1. a couple of days before flying, I drink more water to hydrate
  2. on the day of travel I avoid eating meats (fish is ok) and continue to drink as much plain water as I can
  3. for a few days after arriving at my destination, I continue to avoid meat if possible and eat more cooked vegetables to get the digestion going – I get terribly bloated and it’s the worst feeling combined with jet lag

This is a chocolate brownie with fresh fruit. Dinky.

This is a local dessert called Umm Ali and similar to Bread and Butter Pudding but covered with almond and pistacio flakes. Simply delicious!

I can’t relax regarding food for the kids because my Tween girl has a severe nut allergy (walnut and peanut) and we always have an Epi pen with us. They refuse to test her 2 siblings as a matter of course because they don’t suffer with asthma as badly as she does on top of the allergies. So until I pay for them to be tested, I have to assume they are also allergic. Even now, 3 months on, she’s still suffering from an eczema outbreak on her face which she very rarely gets there, and we just don’t know exactly what triggered it and how long it will take to heal. It’s a drag having to double check everything, warning people when they go to friends’ houses, parties and restaurants but I never wanted her to miss out and stay home all the time. We try not to dwell on these limitations and thankfully she is old enough to understand. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Buffet Brunch Yummies

  1. chocolatecookiesandcandies

    Oh gosh. Most of my friends’ kids in NZ have severe allergies. It’s an absolute nightmare for the parents. They had to eyeball the list of ingredients, contact the manufacturers to ensure that the products are safe, no cross contamination etc etc…


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