Monochrome and Hermès Blue

I’ve been very much into monochrome this Summer and this has helped me edit a lot of unecessary packing to include only black and white with brights. Believe it or not, until last week, I could never master the basic of choosing a colour theme or even a tone before. It was always throwing everything I liked to wear at that time into the suitcase, hence the chronic overpacking. Sticking to monochrome and brights is a major breakthrough for me!

These are the points I and other serial over packers have to observe:

  1. decide on the colour or tonal theme
  2. decide on the accessories of jewellery, bags, shoes, belts, scarves
  3. spend the time trying out the different outfits with the accessories to see how they really work out..or don’t
  4. ruthlessly eliminate anything that’s difficult to clean and/or wear
  5. eliminate some more because if you have access to any kind of washing facilities, you will manage with less than you think..much less!

The best items for me are those that work with both flats and heels because these are the most versatile. I fully credit reading this post on the now ended blog C’est Ca for helping me finally get to grips with proper packing.

Of course I need to edit further, much further in terms of the number of items. And then we have the issue of the number of bags and pairs of shoes…Well, my excuse is that I rarely go to a place to only be by the beach or only sight see in a city or town (well once on a 4 day visit to Beijing in the middle of January but that’s a whole different freezing story!). It’s always a combination of a few different things. But I do believe in the concept of using 2-3 bags for any length of visit or vacation and I am striving towards that. Honest!

This printed top is vintage Max Mara and the sailor pants are Marks & Spencers from a few years ago worn with the cork suede wedges – 70’s time warp! The colour of my 28cm Kelly bag seems lighter in this sunny climate and I’m really happy wearing it with monochromes like this. Thanks so much for reading!


7 thoughts on “Monochrome and Hermès Blue

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