New Season Love – Beginnings

I can’t help but look around at the collections, just coming online and into the shops so will be adding to this as and when more goodies catch my eye.

H&M jerseyshift dress – I am loving the shift styles for being so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down with ankle or knee boots, heels, flats, wedges, trainers….UPDATE – saw this on the shop mannequin but failed to find it hanging up to have a close look. It was very short and the spots looked too big for my taste – shame!

Jaeger flirty skirt and hope they bring other colours out. I think I’ve seen this shape in a few different places.

Jaeger silk floral print wrap skirt.

Zara coat – adore the 60’s shape – want one in black.

Zara jacket – I missed this jacket in the last season when it was made with 99% wool and the new version is all synthetic – obviosuly realised their mistake! Love this whole look even with the micro mini.

Zara Parka, ultra useful and looks better with the fur trimmed hood for the price.

Zara Leather jacket, I like that it has a tailored shape rather than the typical.

Zara Advance flirty leather frill skirt – love it! Advance seems to be a more expensive range – never saw it before.

Zara Advance sequin cardigan. It’s a neutral shade so I would wear it during the day dressed down.


Marion wearing an outfit from Raf’s first collection for Dior. She looks utterly wonderful and I think you see that she feels fantastic even though she’s not too comfortable. This is ladylike with ooommphh! Of course you spotted it’s one of Dior’s H silhouettes, right? Raf’s just been going through the archives, lucky thing!

Victoria in a skirt and sweater, simple, except the pencil skirt is sexy figure hugging and her boots more than a touch kinky, no?

Thanks for reading!


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