Salad Days and Easy Snacks

I’m making a big effort to eat and try out more salads and vegetable dishes. I rarely use lettuce though opting for spinach instead drizzled with some Balsamic dressing or just plain Olive oil. Ocassionally, as an extra treat,  I add croutons – I know, extravagant aren’t I? My Tween Girl eats the spinach in her sandwiches and noodle soups but the others struggle with just a few leaves.

My kids love toasted sandwiches and a little side salad like this. But the Boy doesn’t like cheese except when it’s melted so I always put thin slices in his.

If I had a choice, I would eat mainly salads and soups with the meat dishes as secondary because I’m finding meat too heavy for my digestion the older I get. I am very much a carnivore so it’s hard to avoid the temptation.

With croutons. I sometimes add smoked salmon or cold meats as it’s a great way to use up left over home roast meats.

We’re all pizza obssessed and I normally make my own dough in the bread maker…..until it broke down. I’m not sure if it’s fixable or if it’s best just to invest in another one. In the meantime my kids were extra impressed when I discovered using pitta bread as a pizza base! I’m wary of pre-packaged bases not least because they look much too thick. I just throw on the toppings and cook in the usual way. The neat size makes it extra convenient for packed lunches/picnics and parties.

There are very few things as simple and delicious as corn on the cob. I have such happy memories  of crunching my way through several little cobs when I was a very small child and now my kids love it just as much. I think steaming the cobs retain the best texture and flavour.

Thanks for reading!


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