Boy Looks and Mini Man Closet

My one and only Boy in the world! Sandwiched very closely by less than 2 years between 2 sisters, you have to give him a little sympathy. As a toddler when his big sister revelled in new clothes and shoes, he refused to wear anything if it was new. He just would not put it on so I never mentioned the new word and had to smuggle outgrown clothes out of his drawers and replace them with those new, washed and ready to wear. Thinking back it must be the comfort level that’s high or even uppermost on every man’s requirements for clothes. Old clothes are soft and starting to take your shape. Fast forward to his first Junior School Disco last year when he realised the importance and benefits of looking good….among the other boys and shock, horror, the girls too! He changed his tune somewhat.

His go to of polo shirt, jeans or cargos and trainers. He used to turn the hem up but no more.

I let him tuck the front in a little bit so it’s not too long. He’s in between sizes now so it’s difficult to find the right fit.

Mini Man Closet

Very simple but it took me a while to find the right balance: went through a phase when he had too many of everything then the other extreme, almost overnight everything became too tight and/or too short. Nothing is a duplicate in size because to offset him growing, there’s really 2 sizes in his closet and that’s why I keep the number of items to the minimum at all times. I’m trying to apply the same process to the girls’ clothes. I buy 99.9% of their clothes at Gap, Zara and H&M.

  1. School uniform stuff (trousers can be used for smart occasions such as concerts and xmas events)
  2. a couple of jeans – blue and black
  3. a couple of lighter trousers – blues and khakis
  4. bermnuda shorts – left over from the Summer and he likes to wear these at home not so much the sweatpants
  5. polo shirts, plain tees and a couple of shirts (classic light blue or white)
  6. zip up hoodie, baseball cardigan – no sweatshirts as he never wears them
  7. a couple of jumpers he only wears when it’s really freezing and he’s caught a bad cold by not wearing enough clothes!
  8. casual shoes for weekends, wellingtons
  9. raincoat, casual jacket (short parka) and warm school winter coat
  10. vests – thermal and plain – he refuses to wear a scarf so every layer matters during the cold months
  11. hat and ski type gloves which is his prefered style and cap/sunglasses
  12. a tie – it’s getting its full use this year with concerts, a wedding and xmas events to come later this year.

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