Shopping Detox: Day 1063

It hasn’t really been 1063 days since my decision to stop acquiring but it sure feels that way! I’m using this time away from home as a detox period not only to stop buying but to think more about all that I have. It’s easier for me if I have a mental and physical distance from my bulging closets! Believe it or not, I always aspired to a minimalist philosophy and practise but somehow that got buried under all my stuff! I didn’t wake up one morning and suddenly decided to stop shopping, there was a long process first through a combination of many things and continues from this post Decisions, Directions.

I think the process began even as soon as when I managed to find the little Chanel Jersey 2.55 bag from the 70’s nearly 2 years ago. I had been obssessed with Chanel from my early teens and there I was several decades later owning a bag that was made probably when she was still alive. It represents my link to her and the fashion and style legacy she left behind. I could have stopped there, a dream came true but of course I didn’t. It was just the start of my Chanel collection which morphed into Hermès territory. I love beautiful things and couldn’ thelp myself – didn’t know how to. And so the research, the pursuit, the purchases started and was all consuming. I learnt so much during this time too but it wasn’t until earlier this year that I read about the thought process of others with a similar love of beauty.

I stumbled upon the blog chocolatescookiescandandies (written by Marlene) by chance and eagerly soaked up all the information about Hermès. I continue to read it for the very strong sense of personal style and reviews that Marlene has, not to mention her travel tales and recipes. Enter Aesthetic Alterations, (a blog featured on Feather Factor by Katherine who has her own very enviable Hermès collection), and once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. It’s jammed packed with detailed information, careful observations and references about Hermès and I found myself reading back through archives for more. At the same time Catherine writes about her own personal sense of style and how she altered her aesthetics and why. And from her blog I came to C’est Ca which sadly ended earlier this year.

So many things in Aesthetic Alterations and C’est Ca resonated with me and brought about my decision first to stop and enjoy what I have and then to think much more carefully about anything I still wanted. I must say Catherine and C’est Ca have the most carefully thought out, ultra refined and planned approach to purchasing I have ever read! I realised this was how I should approach shopping from now on whether it’s another Hermès, a simple skirt or lipstick. At least this is the direction I’m aiming for!

There are lots of tips around on how to cure or just curb uneccessary spending. Here are just 3:

And Then She Saved

Elle & Ish

And more generally on money:

The Simple Dollar


2 thoughts on “Shopping Detox: Day 1063

  1. aestheticalterations

    Wow–your post made me feel very good. Thank you!

    I enjoyed the additional links–I’m always searching for shopping tips. You’ve been giving good tips and reflections too. I’ve particularly liked how you packed for your vacation. Isn’t white fabulous? It makes a great canvas.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      You’re welcome! I love reading shopping tips because everyone has their own little slant that gives me more to think about, the same with packing Thanks so much!


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