Spots and Forties Style

I love spots so much it’s a wonder I only own 2 items and this is one of them. Silk short sleeve blouse from the 80’s by Jaeger. It’s shaped in the waist by several darts and I had to undo most of them to be able to close it! My belt is vintage Hermes and is a really useful waist cincher. I think I’m going to take the hem down a little more on the trousers – need as much length as possible on wide leg pants!

The blouse has a 40’s look and it’s one of my favourite fashion eras. I can’t think of anything I don’t like from that time, maybe because it was all about function without losing any of the femininity. I’m reading Katharine Hepburn’s autobiography at the moment and she’s definitely one of my all time favourite film stars as well as fashion icon. She had the most incredible figure way ahead of her time (like Chanel) and sense of style.

Among my list of All Time Favourite Films, there are at least 2 of hers: The Philidelphia Story and African Queen.

Timeless perfection! I have been looking for a spotted dress like this everywhere for the longest time without success. (Actually it’s a jumpsuit – how fantastic is that?!) Although more casual I think the look is every bit as sophisticated as that of Dita Von Teese’s who I love too. I think the whole era is the perfect combination of feminity, sportswear and sharp tailoring. Thanks so much for reading!


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