Dressing the Kelly

I loved how Latifa dressed her Kelly so much I was determined to try it too (she has one of the most luxurious Hermès collections I’ve ever read about). The scarf I need is 50cm square and I don’t have any by Hermès in this size so improvised for my recent travels. My Kelly is in Swift leather and susceptible to scratches but she is light and gorgeous so I figured the best compromise is to protect her when I have to. I am not one of those ladies who lunch with bags that don’t see much beyond a pristine car interior when on the move or that sit on plump sofas and smooth laps when not.

The silk is thin and doesn’t look as good tied around like this so the yummy silk twill weight would be prefect.

The base, sides, front, back and corners are protected which are the more vulnerable points. That’s why I tried to do the same with the Reissue. I can still access the bag easily.

It reminds me a little of those old fashion nappies! All I need is the Twilly to wrap around the handle…but not at the same time as when she’s dressed – that would be too much 🙂

Everything I need for international travel fits in neatly. Now if only passports would shrink soon!

Thanks for reading!


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