Teal, Neutrals and Brooch

I’m resurrecting this post from September to link with the post Show Us The Brooches on the wonderful blog, ‘Une femme d’un certain âge’.This dress is the perfect transeasonal weight to wear in the cool evenings now. I’m still in love with the colour. *Ahem* the BULGE (big enough pre-dinner!) is not evidence of happy news, it simply means WAR on my middle age spread! Although we certainly clocked up the airmiles this Summer, as far as my body shows, I was a couch potato the entire time!

Miss Celine Micro got an outing!

I bought this vintage brooch so many years ago from a charity shop and you can see where one stone has fallen out and it was the only thing to compliment  my dress since I’m seriously lacking in silvertone jewellery.

Here’s a post with my diamante brooch. And finally, my newest brooch that I can’t wait to wear. It’s grey metal with a greenish/blueish shiny finish.Thanks so much for reading!


6 thoughts on “Teal, Neutrals and Brooch

  1. une femme

    Silkpathdiary, thanks so much for linking up to Show Us The Brooches! I love both of the brooches you’ve shown here, and am off to peruse your posts on Petite dressing.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for visiting and your lovely comment. It was great to link to something that’s often a forgotten accessory so I must wear them more often – thank you for the prompt and hosting!

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