Diamante, Pearls and…..Sneakers

Believe me I’ve come a long way in casual dressing but still need lots of practise and effort (for an *effortless* look ha, ha!). I’m going through a jewellery renaissance and trying different ways to wear pieces old and new. This is a Gap Mens tee and the material is so soft – I love it! The fine weather means I still get to wear white linen pants with wedge sneakers – yay!

Faux pearls worn doubled and a vintage diamante snowflake brooch keep to my pale colourway today. Thanks for reading and have a great weeekend!


4 thoughts on “Diamante, Pearls and…..Sneakers

  1. mystyle

    Hi my dear! thanks for leaving your lovely comment, hope you’re keeping well! Great outfit, pearls and the diamante brooch on a mens tee is a very inspirng look, love it!! xxx

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