Vintage Jewellery

I needed to give my closet a kick up the derriere starting about 2 years ago with clothes, bags, shoes and now working on jewellery. I had lost touch literally with my jewels for many years while pregnant, through babyhood and the toddler years so you can see it has been a long time. I’d become so bored with my real stuff and drooled over designer costume jewellery. Very few of those pieces made it into my hot little hands but I wanted something more unique with longevity. I’m a vintage lover so it made sense for me to look to vintage jewellery to find something closer to what I was dreaming of. I already have some collected over a long period of time from thrift and charity shops that cost very little and still give me so much joy to re-discover. These pieces were bought simply because I liked them and with zero awareness of what I was actually doing at the time! But there are certain well known brands for costume jewellery and vintage items by these brands that can cost as much as modern costume jewels.

I chose to stick to 2 brands I’m familiar with to maximise my search time and minimise the risk of poor quality (though of course there are never any guarantees – you get what you see and sold as is)  with only an occasional deviation. Make no mistake you can get overwhelmed even if you know what you’re looking for. It took me months just to touch upon the very limited areas that I was interested in, namely earrings, necklaces and cuffs. I’ve divided my collection into groups:

Diamante or paste – I overcame my initial aversion to cubic zirconium by accepting them for what they are and not as fake diamonds. Also vintage paste jewels certainly have more charm than their modern counterparts and dare I say it, rarely look as tacky?

Colour stones – I used to be so stuck up traditional – precious stones or nothing – not even semi precious! Then I started seeing real beauty in many different types of coloured jewels.

Goldtone – this tone best suits my colouring so I tend to have a lot more. I changed from discreeet to bold over the last few months!

Silvertone and steel – a relatively new obssession for me borne out of my love for Hermes’ palladium hardware. I adore the clean lines of the link bracelet below. I have the matching necklace.

I’m just looking for fun beaded necklaces in coral and jade green colours. Thanks for reading!


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