A Wee Trip on the Loch

We were lucky enough to visit Scotland for the first time. This was a ferry ride trip on the loch.

Amazing buildings and venue for a family wedding seen from the water.

I love landscapes and find them very peaceful – also love clouds too – can  you tell?

The water looked navy!

Froth on the side of the ferry.

Our destination where we stayed to explore for a couple of hours.

The swans were so tame, I swear this one was posing for me!

A beautiful profusion of colourful flowers along the road.

Pie lunch!

I really enjoyed a rare cup of tea – must have been the soft water.

Wild blackberries.

Slate walls and ivy.

A magical wood – there was a bridge and the kids played poo sticks.

A serene church.

I love the colour of the interior walls.

My kids loved climbing all over this tree trunk, I don’t know if it fell or if it was cut down on purpose.

So much greenery I thought I would burst!

I couldn’t resist snapping this little tree house in someone’s garden that was clearly visible from the public road. My kids would just love to have one of these each.

As soon as we were seated on the ferry back, it started to rain so no photos then, just watching the dark clouds which was still quite impressive.

I hope to visit again as we really did enjoy it much more than expected. Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “A Wee Trip on the Loch

  1. chocolatecookiesandcandies

    Thank you for sharing. This just looks beautiful. I’ve never been to Scotland either. I’m hoping to visit one city within UK at a time over the next few years so hopefully, I’ll cover most of the places I’ve written down on my list.

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