Back to Giving Harvest Thanks

I still remember having to take part in Harvest Thanksgiving celebrations during my school days and paying the least attention I could get away with. Well, it’s funny how things come back to you as the years go by. When I was growing up, we always bought our fruit and vegetables at the market or small, independent grocers where everything was still in boxes or crates and you simply made your choices and put them in little brown paper bags. One of my most cherished childhood memories is playing in a friend’s garden and hiding in her raspberry bushes, stuffing our faces with the delicious fruit. Also picking wild strawberries and blackberries from the mountain that were made into the best homemade jam I ever tasted. Fast forward a few decades and I only need to click away on a computer screen to order the same things to my door step. Except they aren’t the same, they are uniform in size and colour wherever possible and blemish free, of course. How far away we’ve come from the fields and farms!

So on the way to school, Tween alerted my mother to some fruit she saw in someone’s garden. Sure enough the branches were bent double under the sheer weight. My mother being tropically minded and a foodie knocked on the door and asked to buy some – pick your own but in the town! The owner had no idea what they were and told her to help herself. She told him she’d make jam and bring him some before making  off with a bagful. They are greengage. Don’t they look just luscious?!

I picked the fattest apples from our little tree and gave some to my neighbour. The rest are peeled and bagged up in the freezer for future apple crumbles to come! And here’s a sample of a jar of Greengage yumminess to see us through the Winter…….Thank you Mother Nature and Thank You for reading!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this time of year!


4 thoughts on “Back to Giving Harvest Thanks

  1. Vix

    You domestic goddess! There’s nothing like home grown fruit, beats the supermarkets hands down for looks and flavour! I haven’t had a greengage in years and am very envious! x

  2. chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I love your anecdote. That’s incredible thoughtful of you and your mom to offer them homemade jam and apples in return for picking their fruit tree. You’re right. I’ve found that most fruits and veggies here tend to be rather bland, lacking in taste.

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you Marlene! I don’t know why more people don’t grow fruit and veg in their gardens although there’s a (dying) tradition in UK of owning allotments where people go to tend their little patch of fruit and veg. My Uncle grows all sorts in his garden and luckily so do his neighbours and they swap produce all the time!


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