Autumn: Leather at Last with Golden Oldies

Do you see me behind the H buckle? Lol! Seriously I think it’s too big. Anyway the reason for the title is that I never owned a leather jacket until about 2 years ago. In the early 90’s I did walk up and down Oxford Street looking for one but it was for my younger brother. I’m proud to say we found the perfect one for him in a little leather shop  round Oxford Circus – are those little shops still there now? He wore it constantly for years – even slept in it I believe but we’ll not go into that right now – and it stood the test of time until he outgrew it about 4 sizes! But I never felt it was me and to be perfectly honest,  I thought it was out of bounds because only trendy/cool people wear them. OK so I’m still totally untrendy/uncool but mass fashion has moved on such that I found a style EVEN for me.

It’s by Jesire, a grossly underrated brand now defunct but enjoyed a brief place in the sun when Catherine Duchess of Cambridge wore a dress by the label earlier this year. I have a grey leather jacket by them seen here that I love too. But it was a classic black leather jacket that was my biggest challenge to update my closet. This is so plain and the leather is such good quality it’s amazing. My grey marl jersey dress is a Winter staple from years ago and the suede boots are Bally from the 90’s. I could never bring myself to throw these out because they are still beautiful to me. I wanted to add different textures when wearing the same colour or tone such as the suede with the textured tights.

My bag is vintage Ferragamo. I used this a lot – before the CC and H dreams came true – once upon a time (it comes with a leather shoulder strap – sound familiar to you?) and vow to again. Her studded base is a little unexpected and I love it!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Autumn: Leather at Last with Golden Oldies

    1. couturecoco Post author

      Thank you Vix – great that you are well and truly on the mend! I’d love a more *biker* style but haven’t found one that doesn’t look too, too much on me at least this one is quite versatile. x

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