The Little Story of an H Kelly

I’d like to start this week with sharing a story about how I found my mother her first Hermès bag. She has other designer bags of course but like a good daughter I nagged explained to her about my love for Hermès. It took about a year for the information to filter through and she told me she was searching for a Kelly but that despite several visits to the stores in Paris, she remained H-less. The Kelly is also waitlisted or has this list been closed by now? No matter there just aren’t any to be had to anyone off the street, Heaven forbid!

There were many emails exchanged over the Summer months and several dead ends and so we both relaxed a little once September came…and went. She’s more patient than me I have to say! Of course I continued looking online at all the various resellers, keeping an eye on the rising prices if nothing else.

One lazy, uneventful Sunday morning, a few weeks ago, I logged on as per usual and there she was! The seller had given just 3 not very good photos and minimal description. Based on what I had already researched, I knew the leather was more special than it appeared even in the poor photos. There was no date, no details on accessories other than that she came with her dust bag and box. However, I noticed the handle had the extra loop for the attachement of a shoulder strap so I knew the bag was fairly new but no strap was shown in any of the photos. (For a vinage lover like me, anything from 2000 to date is brand new!) But WHAT to do? There’s a time for procrastination and this wasn’t it!!  The size was perfect and so was the colour. My mother knew it was exactly what she was looking for so we jumped on it!

Ta dah! The price was below what I expected for the size and condition of the Sellier style ( I have the Retourne). But from the moment we committed to buying it, the worry began: would the seller have second thoughts, would the Kelly be nothing like the photos, how much would it cost to buy a new strap from Hermes? My mother already decided she would since it was in her budget anyway. And so the wait began.

Indeed there was the orange box, the dustcover and inside, the bag itself…from the moment we saw her it was love at first sight! I thought she felt heavier than expected even though she’s the size up from my own and put it down to fact that the leather was thicker and different. I spent a long time inspecting her all over on the outside before opening her to check the inside. Lo and behold there was a small orange dustbag…could it be? Yes! Her strap – completely unused! There was more – not only one but 2 raincovers! We were overwhelmed with what was before us – a stunning 2002 Kelly in beautiful condition complete with all her accessories. The date is of sentimental significance since that was the year her first grandchild, aka my Tween girl, was born.

So mother’s happy and I am over the moon for her! She will be taking her to Paris next month and will be looking for a special Twilly scarf for the handle. I won’t be going too – sob! Persistence, due diligence and a lot of luck can pay off in a major way. Now I wonder if I’ve used up all my luck….

Thanks so much for letting me share!


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