Autumn Hermès Lindy

I decided to take my H Lindy to visit the Victoria & Albert museum recently. It was relatively mild and though it did rain, I managed to avoid it. Her colour is closest in the photo below and I like the contrast with my navy and black outfit. I last used her most in March/April. Of course while in London, I went into Hermès and there was a lady carrying the cutest little Kelly (20cm I presume) in Bleu Ciel colour. Oh how I wish I could have taken a photo of it but I’ll post about the rest of my trip later. My point is Bleu Ciel is a lovely light sky blue normally associated with Summer and I’m really glad to have seen it in dull October in London.

You can see my stripey Missoni stretch belt above –so pleased with it! I’m trying to have a more transeasonal closet and using things normally for only one season more often in the year if I can. I want to do away with having to store things for different times of the year mostly because it encourages me to have too much as I’m not seeing everything at once. My aim is to have everything out in my closet all year round. This means I have to declutter and forces me to think very carefully about any new purchases.

For once, I did my nails – Chanel’s Graphite which is the most brilliant colour – like liquid glitter sometimes looks gold, sometimes dark grey depending on the light. Really hard to put on the first coat but the 2nd is fine – I can’t tell you how much I love it!

Thanks so much for reading!

6 thoughts on “Autumn Hermès Lindy

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    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Hello Grace
      My Lindy is a size 30cm but because I am really short, it may look bigger than on a tall person. Hope that helps. I think I would be perfectly happy with the 26cm size. Hope that helps.
      Thanks for visiting!


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